Disruptive Value

Property is a difficult market

Clients want certainty. Not knowing the progress of your project causes hostility and doubt. Unfortunately, the market has responded by developing a model that pretends to give certainty but doesn’t deliver. With the traditional and design and build models, the client is removed from the process. They are unaware of the details and often blind to any challenges that the project goes through.

Transparent structure

The Progress process allows our clients to understand every stage of the project because it’s all communicated in a transparent structure. We break the work into different packages depending on your business requirements. This helps us to secure the most suitable resources and partners which provides disruptive value for the client. Our process offers disruptive value as for the first time, the people doing the work are elevated but are still co-ordinated by us. As with a Design & Build company, clients still have a single point of contact, however here, they are working with the designer and project manager and not a contractor. This provides a much more positive, friendly approach.