Be prepared to purchase an office space

Respond quickly

If you find a property that fits with your business needs and will be the perfect space for your team, it’s important to act quickly. There are usually a number of people chasing to purchase an office space, so you must be prepared. Being organised allows you to respond quickly so you don’t miss out on your ideal property. Not being able to secure your property of choice can push your project timeline back a significant amount. Have a look at what we did for our client Midrex.

Contracts and agreements

It’s important to understand the contracts, licenses and agreements needed for your property. Landlords have an agreement in place that requires you to have a license to supply water. You must have this agreement before signing on to your property. Without the right licenses in place, you may experience difficulty from landlords who don’t want to make changes to the property. These are factors to consider when you want to purchase an office space.