How to design an efficient office with Progress’ model

The Progress model

The problem with the traditional model of delivering workplaces is that it separates project management from interior design. Having the two disconnected makes the process difficult to control. The Progress model combines the two elements of project management and interior design. This allows every aspect of the project to work in synergy towards a shared goal. Controlling both components simultaneously enables you to manage disruptions in conjunction with fees and deadlines.

The result

Our expertise enables us to design an efficient office. We can fully explain every element of a project at the tender stage to forecast results and challenges. By working with us, you’ll gain deep insights into the design and project management process to fully understand what the project will involve. Because of this, we can guarantee that we will deliver a project on time and within budget. This is unlike most companies in the industry who aren’t able to back their cost based on the ability to deliver.