Why should companies invest in urban farming?

There is growing research that shows the spaces we are in impacts us physiologically and psychologically. Biophilic design has grown in popularity recently and is focused on bringing the outside, inside. This can include living plants, water, daylight and natural materials. Not only can biophilic design make your office space look more attractive but it is also great for your employees. It can reduce stress, improve cognitive function and enhance mood and creativity. Employers are starting to focus more on the health and wellbeing of their employees by introducing yoga and healthier food options which can be supported by urban farming. By also focusing on the design of your office, you can support different outcomes – whether that is to help with reducing stress or enhancing creativity.

Urban Farming

Companies can also start to invest in urban farming. Urban Farming is the practice of cultivating plants and raising animals within and around cities. Integrating urban farming into offices not only shows that companies are serious about their sustainability policy but can also benefit the people working there.

For companies that do not have much or any outdoor space in their office, they could invest in vertical farms. This way, they can still grow plants without the need for soil, sunlight or water. Instead of stretching the plants out in soil, they can be stacked inside in trays. The vegetables that are grown in the trays can then be given to the employees as part of the healthier food options that the company offers.

Companies that do have a lot of outdoor space or a rooftop can really take advantage of urban farming. They have more space to grow edible plants that can be handed out to their employees or the local community. With the right design, they can also create a breakout space for their employees to relax.